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About Us

After a number of years’ experience in the beverages sector, we were no longer able to suppress our passion. We quickly realised that alcohol-free drinks were a fact of life and so decided to take our own first steps out in the big wide world. At the moment, the market for no-alcohol aperitifs is mainly dominated by sweet and unhealthy offerings. So we and our three co-founders soon came to the conclusion that it was high time for things to change. 
Not only does an alcohol-free aperitif make for a very pleasant drink, but sometimes it is also a necessary choice. For instance, there are some people who opt for an alcohol-free life for health reasons. In fact, due to heart problems, one of the founders of Gutss had said farewell to alcoholic beverages and sugary alternatives some time previously. We also wanted to give people with certain intolerances or health issues a chance to choose from a varied range of lip-smacking aperitifs.   
No sooner said than done. Or nearly. After a long and complex process, in conjunction with a specialist company that was working with a university, we conducted our research to come up with the perfect end product. The result? Gutss, of course! Not only does it taste good and is low in calories, vegan and gluten-free, but Gutss also retains the typical ‘bite’ that we love to taste in alcoholic equivalents. To sum upGutss is a win-win. 
Say yes to flavour & fun, but also to your health. Say yes to Gutss. 
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