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Gutss Drinks

Botanical Dry

Discover Botanical Dry
Gutss Drinks

Cuban Spiced

Discover Cuban Spiced
Gutss Drinks

Italian BitterSweet

Discover Italian BitterSweet
Gutss Drinks

Botanical Sweet

Discover Botanical Sweet


Say yes! Because we hear no often enough. With our premium drinks Gutss doesn't say no to alcohol but a resounding yes to taste, enjoyment, choice, shine, beauty and freedom. The freedom to choose what you drink. Nothing is compulsory, everything is possible. With the three alcohol-free Gutss premium drinks you can serve the most delicious cocktails and aperitifs without hesitation. Will it be a perfect serve with the delicious taste of Botanical dry, Italian bittersweet or Cuban spiced? You choose! For taste, for choice, for health... and for a fresh head in the morning! You dare, you have guts, you go flat out for what you like. Say yes to Gutss! Non-Alcoholic Premium Drinks

About us

Belgian, alcohol-free, vegan and perfect for all your favourite aperitifs. Gutss is the number one alternative for enjoying a delightful pre-meal drink without compromising on flavour – and still with the typical ‘Alcohol bite’. Not only does Gutss taste good, but it is also low in calories, vegan and gluten-free. In fact, this alcohol-free spirit was created with a healthy lifestyle in mind. So that everyone can enjoy a delicious aperitif, even if they have intolerances. Gutss is for those who want to enjoy the benefits of being alcohol-free, but still like to be able to choose from a range of delicious aperitifs. Say yes to flavour & fun. While not forgetting your health. Say yes to Gutss.

Our Story
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